Park at Cologne Airport without handing over your keys

Many parking service providers use a car park in the immediate vicinity of Cologne Airport exclusively as a collection and receiving point. The vehicles are then moved later, often without the customer’s knowledge. No wonder that many a holidaymaker worries about their car, where they should actually be enjoying a relaxing trip. In addition, it is unpleasant for many people to give away their own car keys from the outset. Of course, the desire of the majority of customers is our command. We park your car at Cologne Airport, therefore without key collection, and you can be certain that nobody will move your car.

For parking Cologne Airport without key collection, we charge a small surcharge. In general, this surcharge is between € 15.00 – 20.00.

Our approach is very simple. Once you have pre-ordered a parking space, it will be allocated to you for the entire duration of your absence. Your vehicle will not be moved, even if you are prepared to deposit your key for emergencies. You also have the option of depositing your car key in a safe if you feel the risk of loss is to great to take it on your trip. Basically, the decision is always up to you, but there is no obligation to hand over the keys to our parking service.