Book the Shuttle Service now!

If you want to use the Shuttle Service at Cologne Airport, you do not need to make a reservation. All you have to do is book your parking space, especially if the parking is long-term. There will always be a shirt-term space for your vehicle. This can, as already mentioned, be quite a bit further from the airport, but thanks to the Shuttle Service at Cologne Airport you can still reach your check-in on time. If you are travelling on holiday with your family, it is always advisable to reserve a parking space in advance. The rate calculators are available online for this purpose. Some people want to know that their vehicle is in a car park and close to the terminal. Others pay more attention to the costs of long-term parking.

Parking areas outside the airport are cheaper and offer a safe shuttle service to Cologne Airport. You will not be left on your own or need to walk to the airport. If you are travelling as a group, it is advisable to drive your passengers to the terminal and unload the luggage. You can then drive without stress to the booked parking space, lock your vehicle and use the Shuttle Service at Cologne Airport. You will immediately recognise the departure point as it can already be seen from afar. You do not have to plan long waiting times, because the transfer goes directly to the airport building every few minutes.

What is the procedure for arrival & departure at the car park area

Please drive directly to our parking garage! You can find the address in the booking confirmation. We will recognize you when the vehicle is handed over using our IT system and identify you after you have given us your name or license plate number!

A vehicle check is carried out. Proper delivery of the vehicle must be activated from both sides! The orderly process is the alpha and omega! After everything has been properly completed, the parking amount is paid in cash. Your luggage will then be loaded onto our shuttle bus

Of course. Transport to the airport is included. The shuttle bus takes you to the Cologne Bonn Airport Terminal within a few minutes

Please call our hotline for about 10-20 minutes and let us know your arrival time at the airport, as flight delays can occur at any time. Your vehicle will be made ready for departure before your arrival.

Our shuttle service will pick you up from the terminal with your luggage and drive you back to our car park free of charge. In the booking confirmation you will find out at which terminal we will pick you up. Your luggage will be unloaded from the shuttle bus into your vehicle. Finally, the vehicle inspection slip is used to jointly check whether the condition of your vehicle is as it was in the original condition

Best comfort in Shuttle Service

You will love the comfort offered to you here. The Shuttle Service at Cologne Airport is free of charge. Of course, you can also take advantage of other services, such as valet parking. Here, you drive your car to the terminal, unload your luggage and a valet service employee will take your vehicle and put it in a secure parking space for you. This option means that you would not need to worry about getting to the terminal from the vehicle. Nevertheless, the Shuttle Service at Cologne Airport is a cheaper alternative.