Valet Parken Airport Cologne

Often, enough time is planned for the journey, but unexpected things can happen again and again. This could be a traffic jam due to a construction site, or even a tragic accident. This costs a lot of time which you usually do not have. In addition, this causes an enormous amount of stress, which is not needed just before a holiday. Make things easier and stress-free, and opt for Valet Parking at Cologne Airport. Before you start your own search for a parking space, the employees will take over this task for you.

Valet Parking Airport Cologne

Procedure on arrival at the terminal (vehicle delivery)

  • Please drive to the Cologne Bonn Airport Terminal for Valet Parking at Cologne Airport
  • For handing over your vehicle, our employees will recognise you by means of our EDP system and identify you by your registration plate and vehicle.
  • The vehicle will then be checked at the terminal. Both parties will document the proper handing over and current condition of the vehicle using the vehicle handover slip.
  • After everything has been carried out properly, the parking fee will then be paid in cash.
  • The vehicle will be driven to our car parking area by our employee. Our multi-storey car park is only a few minutes by car from Cologne-Bonn Airport

Procedure for the return flight on arrival at the terminal (vehicle return)

  • Please call our hotline 10-20 minutes in advance and let us know your time of arrival at the airport, as flights can always be delayed.
  • Your vehicle will be ready to drive off in before you arrive
  • Our staff will have your vehicle ready at the airport terminal, from where you can, theoretically, drive home directly.
  • Our staff will assist you with loading your luggage into the vehicle
  • Finally, a vehicle check slip will be used to check with you whether the condition of your vehicle is in the same condition as when you left it.
  • As soon as everything is in order, you can drive off reassured!

Security at the highest possible level – with Valet Parking at Cologne Airport

It is best to book valet parking at Cologne Aiport online, and you will then receive a confirmation by email. When you drive to the airport, call the listed telephone number and a team member of Valet Parking at Cologne Airport will be waiting at your departure terminal. After unloading your luggage, the employee will record their mileage. You will receive a copy and hand over your vehicle key. The start of your holiday could not be more relaxed or pleasant. The staff of Valet Parking of Cologne Airport will park your car in a car park and the car key will be safely stored in a safe.

When you return relaxed from your long-awaited holiday, your vehicle will be ready for you to pick up again at your terminal. You simply need to call the service number again. It is best to do this when you are in the luggage area. You do not need take waiting times into account, and the transfer is just as easy. Although Valet Parking Cologne Airport is a bit more expensive than if you personally search for a parking space, the stress level is minimised many times over. Treat yourself to this special service, which enjoys a very high level of popularity. Maybe you are already aware of how the Valet Parking at Airport Cologne system works from elegant hotels. Again, your vehicle will be driven into the car park by a qualified employee.

Of course, the great advantage to you is that you can go directly to check-in with your luggage. On request, you can even have your vehicle filled up and cleaned for your return. You can also book this service on site at short notice. You can comfortably pay for the service when you return from your trip. You are welcome to order an exterior cleaning and also an interior cleaning. During your absence, your vehicle will be just as pampered as you are on your holiday by Valet Parking at Cologne Airport.